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Flynn’s Cove started as a way to live full time out here in this paradise location.

We wanted to re-create the “Family cabin” stereotype.  Where you and your family would spend vacations every year experiencing all the activities available and reconnecting to all the friends who also came around the same time.

Running water, a flush toilet, a hot shower and good quality beds were a must.  Wood stoves dry even ocean soaked gear and provide such a fulfilling heat.  And the Nature Channel is on 24/7 just by looking out your window.  A safe moorage for your boat allows relaxation and peace during your time ‘at home’ while a haven of watersports waits for you to jump in.

When we started there were a couple of floating fish camps around but they targeted a ‘high end’ customer.  Someone who used a guide and guide boat and wanted the luxury of being fed and taken care of.

We didn’t have the resources nor the desire to target that market but there were so many just regular folk who worked and saved to have their own boats and just needed an affordable, safe and comfortable spot to go.

And there are SO MANY of these groups searching for this kind of place.  Families, groups of friends that want to take care of themselves, eat what they want when they want, fish where they want and to not be in a formal setting.  The need for this type of setting and accommodation grows every year.  Several of our groups have been coming out since we opened and most of them have been coming out for over 10 years.  Groups that started out as a bunch of college buddies coming out for a boy’s fishing trip come out now with their families, friends and neighbours!

Each year we have far more requests than we can provide for.  During Covid, while the US groups were unable to take their ‘regular’ spots, we were able to meet some of these new groups.  There we so many wonderful people, wonderful families that we would love to keep having out.  But without building more cabins there just isn’t enough room.  We are ready to retire so the hard decision of selling has become a reality.

Although July and August are the ‘big high season’ for fishing the majority of June and September are also very good fishing.  Kayakers come throughout the year.  The option of coming home to the wood stove and a real bed makes a kayak trip more comfortable for every age group and in any weather!  The herring run in early spring creates a huge influx of creatures to see, to photograph and to just experience the wonder of nature.  We have had years of nature photographers and film companies booked during early spring and herring season.

We have often housed ‘room and board’ crew whenever there is a logging show in the area and the Department of Fisheries has stays here while doing various studies.

We’ve run this business as a ‘mom and pop’ business up to now.  We live here so can be open as much as we choose.  If expanded it would require more people or staff but it could also continue as it is depending on what your goals are.  There is so much land, so much waterfront still available on the property that there are no limits to what you can do out here. There is enough timber available to supply much of your needs.

The ‘bring your own boat’ market has had a tremendous increase in the last ten years and it does not look like it will be diminishing for years to come.  The challenge is that there is not enough spots to stay.  Even the high end resorts – especially with the decrease in corporate trips over the last few years – are now attempting to target these groups.

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