Flynn’s Cove Cabins Nootka Island, BC

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Quonset: (842²’)

The Quonset Hut is a 20’x30’ building based on a full slab cement foundation.  The main floor is separated into the main room (storage/workshop), an approved Electrical Room, a Generator room and a Cabin supply room/Pantry.

The  224²’ mezzanine level is used mainly for storage.

Tank Farm: (340²’)

This Timber frame building is based on a full cement slab foundation, sided with board and batten Cedar and has a green metal roof.  Its primary purpose is to house 4- 2500g approved water tanks securely.  It has an independent solar system powering a water pump and lights.

Garage:  (320²’)

Full cement slab foundation Timber Frame building with a green metal roof,  two windows and an open front.  It is sided with cedar shakes on one side and board and batten on the other.  In the rear of the garage is the entrance to the Apartment.

4’s Woodshed:  (326²’)

Woodshed and storage.  Presently separated into wood bins and shelving as well as one corner set up with a small playhouse with loft, window and doorway.

Workshop (Mill): (280²’)

Timber Frame, metal roof open plan building presently used as a workshop/storage area by the Mill.

Woodshed (Mill): (240²’)

Woodshed storage/drying area

Lure House: (192²’)

This building is based on cement post foundations and has a timber frame, windows and a metal roof.  It is unfinished and being used to store all our fishing treasures and tools.  This building could easily be moved.

Pump House:  (165²’)

This is the plumbing control center for our water systems.  It also holds an “emergency” 2500g water tank.  This building is built with cement footings with cement walls, timber framing and a green metal roof

Cabin Woodshed:  (160²’)

Timber frame. Metal roof. Bins storing dry firewood with a recycling area at the back.

Chicken Coop:  (160²’)

Chicken coop with a small inside run and a garden supply shed.  It is attached to a fully enclosed (by wire) garden.

Greenhouse: (120²’)

Timber frame/glass greenhouse with skylight, venting, raised beds and storage.

Freezer Shed/Vacpac station: (84²’)

This shed is separated into a ‘freezer room’ for each cabin as well as a small vacuum packing station.  It has a cement slab foundation, timber frame and green metal roof and each section has a door. It is at the dock.

Propane Shed: (64²’)

Storage of extra 100lb and 20lb propane tanks with cement slab, timber frame, cedar siding and  metal roof.

Mill Shed : (64²’) by Mill

Battery Shed: (48²’)

A vented battery set up against the outside of the electrical room storing four sets of eight 6V batteries as storage for the inverter/electrical system. Timber frame. Metal roof.

Well House: (36²’)

Housing and protecting the water source of the well.  Dedicated solar system with panel, charge controller and battery to re-establish syphon when needed.  Full cement slab, Timber frame. Cedar siding and metal roof.

4’s Outhouse/Storage: (32²’)

½ Outhouse, ½ storage room.  Timber frame.  Cedar siding. Metal roof.

Pelton Wheel shed: (16²’)

Small building protecting the Pelton Wheel and plumbing.  Tech cable from shed to electrical room. Timber frame. Metal roofing.

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