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Nootka Island is a large (510 square miles) island about 2/3 of the way up the outside (west) of Vancouver Island.  It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on the west, Esperanza Inlet to the north, Tahsis inlet to the east and Nootka Sound to the south. The full time resident population of Nootka Island is three.

Nootka Island is known as the birthplace of BC with Captain James Cook landing at Friendly Cove (Yuquot) in 1778.

Flynn’s Cove is located on the North West Coast of Nootka Island.  It can be accessed by boat from the villages of Zeballos, Tahsis or Gold River and by floatplane.  A regular floatplane service (Air Nootka) runs a sched flight Mon/Wed/Fri from Gold River and the MV Uchuck can deliver goods on Thursdays or Fridays.  The AJ Ford, a large landing barge also delivers equipment and freight to the area.

Flynn’s Cove has been privately owned since the late 1800s.  First known as Newton’s Farm (for the original homesteaders), then Center Island Post Office (1917 – 1942) and finally Flynn’s Cove when it was owned by Wally and Bethine Flynn.  Bethine wrote two books about their adventures here: “The Flying Flynns” and “Flynn’s Cove”.



The Nootka IslandTrail is a 35 km trail, mainly beach walking, along the west coast of Nootka Island between Friendly Cove and Nuchatlitz inlet.  This trail has fast become a choice hiking destination for outdoor enthusiasts who love camping, hiking and experiencing the ‘real west coast’.

Kayakers of every level find themselves surrounded by the natural beauty of the area and can enjoy seeing whales, sea lions, otters, porpoises, black bear, wolves and so much more.

Fishing opportunity is unparalleled in the area with chinook, coho, haibut, snapper, ling cod, prawns, crabs, a zillion types of rockfish and more!

Surfing off Beano Creek, Tachu Point, Yellow Bluff and more.

Wildlife in the area include:

Humpback and Grey Whales, Transient Killer whales,

Sea lions, Seals, porpoises,

Black Bear, Wolves, Cougar and deer,

Loons, Cormorants, Blue Heron, Eagles, Grouse, Mergansers, Buffle-heads, scoters and goldeneyes and more!

There are four areas protected as parks in the Nootka area:

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